Spring Break Camp presented by North Vancouver Arts Council

March 2018
Photo: Mike Wakefield, Maplewood Farm

Blue Cabin painting class Mar 26-18

Photo: Mike Wakefield

The Blue Cabin partnered with North Vancouver Arts Council and their Spring Break Camp Program to tour three separate student groups through the remediated cabin at Maplewood Farm. Blue Cabin’s Development Director, Marlene Madison, spoke with students about the cabin’s many histories, including the squatters that once lived on the foreshore. Through photographs, she introduced participants to Al Neil and Carol Itter’s artworks and spoke about the Blue Cabin’s future as a floating artist residency.

Emily Carr University student Laurance Playford-Beaudet talked with the students about the posters from 1927 that were discovered under the Blue Cabin floorboards during the remediation.

The students spent the following days making art about the Blue Cabin and the many histories connected to it.