Where is the Blue Cabin?

The Blue Cabin is currently located at Imperial Landing in the City of Richmond’s historic Steveston Village. The Blue Cabin is designed to be mobile, mooring at different sites throughout Metro Vancouver for multi-year programming.

How long will the Blue Cabin be moored at Imperial Landing?

We anticipate the Blue Cabin will be moored at Imperial Landing for 2 years. The Cabin moved to this location in January 2022!

Can the public visit the Blue Cabin?

The historic Blue Cabin, deckhouse, and the platform they sit on is a private vessel. To augment the artist residencies, members of the public will be invited aboard for artist talks, workshops and other free ticketed events. To find out about Blue Cabin activities, check the Current Programming page. With the exception of these events, the public is asked to not board the vessel and to respect the artist in residence’s privacy. 

Is the Blue Cabin wheelchair accessible?

The Blue Cabin is currently not wheelchair accessible. We are working to address this as we adjust to our present site and existing infrastructures. At present, the accessibility details are as follows: There is a steep gangway to the Blue Cabin dock, depending on tides. There is presently a 48” wide ramp between the dock and the Blue Cabin platform. The cabin studio space is accessed via seven 7” high stairs with a handrail, one 6” step and a 29″ doorway. The living quarters are accessed via two 8″ high steps into the building and twelve 8” high stairs to the second level.

How do I apply for a residency?

The Blue Cabin Residencies are a mix of curated and invitational residencies alongside annual open calls. You can follow our social media channels to stay up to date on our open calls.

Photo: Henri Robideau
Photo: Colin Griffith