[grunt gallery] Accessible Embroidery Workshop

Sunday, October 22, 2023 — 1:00pm – 3:00pm  
Branscombe House  

The Blue Cabin partnered with with grunt gallery and artist Keimi Nakashima-Ochoa to host an embroidery workshop at Branscombe House, wrapping up our exciting partnership with Branscombe and the City of Richmond.⁣

This workshop was designed to support a broad range of dexterity levels, ages and access needs. No fine motor skills, sight, or even use of sharp needles were required. Participants were also encouraged to bring any clothes that need mending, scrap fabric, or existing projects.

Keimi Nakashima-Ochoa is a Disabled, bilingual, learner, worker and artist. Her art practice incorporates creative access, reading, writing, weaving, printmaking, and more. His work and worldview have been shaped through his learning of Disability Justice, and Black Feminist theory. They are interested in anti-colonial research and learning, accessible spaces, and liberated futures.