Upcoming Events

Monoprinting Workshop & Studio Visit

with current artist-in-residence Keely O’Brien

Sunday Oct. 2nd, 2:00 – 3:30pm
on Musqueam, Kwantlen, and Tsawwassen territories, at The Blue Cabin (map)
Free, Open to adults, and children over 12 accompanied by an adult
No artistic experience necessary

RSVP required as space is limited: RSVP HERE

You are invited to join artist-in-residence Keely O’Brien at The Blue Cabin to learn a monoprinting technique and create your own beautiful artwork inspired by a nest, web, burrow, or other home of your choice! As the final public event of Keely’s residency, participants will also get a chance to experience Dream Home Shrine, a community installation for collective dreaming about what makes us feel at home, and receive a free zine titled Dream Home Manifestation Guide, compiling Keely’s artwork created throughout her residency. Join us for joyful art making and collective reflection on the meaning of home!

Masks are optional but encouraged while within The Blue Cabin’s indoor spaces. Please note that The Blue Cabin is not currently wheelchair accessible – for more accessibility information visit thebluecabin.ca/faq




Current artist-in-residence Keely O’Brien invites you to call the Dream Home Hotline. Call the hotline at 236-975-9792 and follow the steps provided to manifest the home of your dreams.⁣ As you read through the steps below, if they hold any immediate value for you, you will feel a strong impulse to perform them.

Step 1: Set a tone of relaxation. This could involve sitting under a tree, lighting a candle, or whatever else will make you feel at ease.

Step 2: Close your eyes and imagine yourself entering your dream home. Give yourself permission to really dream of the perfect place for you. Imagine yourself walking through it, exploring each room, hallway, window…

Step 3: Call the Dream Home Hotline and leave a message describing your dream home. Describe it as if you are presently walking through the home and giving a tour. Try to include lots of details, so the listener feels like they are really there.

Note: anonymous messages may be shared publicly as part of the project

Dream Home Hotline is part of a growing body of work exploring yearning for a sense of home. The project is an attempt to explore questions of hope and hopelessness in the context of widespread housing instability: What would happen if we allowed ourselves to dream of a joyful sense of home, even in hopeless circumstances? What is risked and what is gained through this dreaming? And what would those dreams of home look like?⁣




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Directions to the Blue Cabin can be found here.